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Git Question

How do I run git rebase --interactive in non-interactive manner?

Is it possible to do following?

  1. Make
    git rebase --interactive
    to just output standard boilerplate to a file, instead to outputting to a file and opening it in editor.

  2. Let the user edit the file.

  3. Let user re-run
    git rebase
    with the name of edited file.

  4. Go on with the usual rebase process.

Usecase: scripted rebasing of course. See how to re-order commits in Git non-interactively for example.

Answer Source

After some thinking and research, the answer turned out to be trivial: git rebase -i takes the editor name from the well-known EDITOR/VISUAL environment variables, so overriding that to point to a non-interactive script does the job.

However, EDITOR/VISUAL applies indifferently to the list of commits, commit messages when rewording and anything else. So, since;a=commit;h=821881d88d3012a64a52ece9a8c2571ca00c35cd , there's a special environment variable GIT_SEQUENCE_EDITOR which applies only to the commit list.

So, the recipe to re-order or flatten commits is:

Run: GIT_SEQUENCE_EDITOR=<script> git rebase -i <params>. Your <script> should accept a single argument: the path to the file containing the standard rebase commit list. It should rewrite it in-place and exit. Usual rebase processing happens after that.

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