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Installing Fedora using Fedora

I recently got a new hard drive and I want to install fedora to it however the computer is old and can't boot from usb and I am unable to use a dvd.

I want to use my currently installed fedora to install a new copy on the new hard drive.
I have the ISO with me.I am using the latest distro

Are there any ways I can achieve this? Thanks in advance!

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There is a way to boot an iso with syslinux

just for example from my syslinux.cfg,

LABEL slitaz.iso
    LINUX memdisk
    INITRD /slitaz.iso
    APPEND iso

in the example, the iso (slitaz.iso) is in the root (/). I cannot tell on oath that will work for your iso, but you can try.

I did that too with grub,

setparams 'ISO'

    set iso ="/slitaz.iso"
    loopback loop $iso
    linux (loop)/boot/vmlinuz-3.2.53-slitaz
    initrd (loop)/boot/rootfs.gz

the two lines with (loop) are the one you can found inside your iso.

I don't remember if I had to install or set something for one or both cases.

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