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Node.js Question

error fsevents@1.0.14 in windows 7

Hy... I'm trying to install webpack on windows 7 x64 by running this command :

npm install webpack -g

But then the my command prompt gave an error said "npm WARN notsup Not compatible with your operating system or architecture: fsevents@1.0.14"... I have been reading a loot sources on internet about this issue, for example :
installing windows package, using npm init bla bla, using npm shrinkwrap bla bla, deleting node-module directory and start initiializing it again, changing the node.js version, and so on...
but seems none of them suit me well...So is there any other way that I can try...??? Thank you so much... :)
I really apreciate your answer here.. :)

Answer Source

Actually, the problem here is the HTTP fetch. Try using

npm install --no-optional.

It will work.You can read more about this here

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