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C# Question

how to select from a table in access with a string variable

I have a

in ms-access and wanted to select from it,

I know my question is very simple but I couldn't find the solution for it

this is how I want to select:

public static void SearchRationCreatorName(string RationCreator)
string StrCon = System.Configuration.ConfigurationManager....
OleDbConnection Connection = new OleDbConnection(StrCon);
OleDbDataAdapter DataA = new OleDbDataAdapter
("Select * from tRations where tRations.RationCreator= [RationCreator]", Connection);

DataTable Dtable = new DataTable();

but instead of selecting one row it select all of records in that table

Answer Source

That didn't show up well in the comment. I think you mean

"Select * from tRations where RationCreator= '"+RationCreator+"'" 

The way you worded your title suggests you may want to use a string in place of a tablename but your code suggests otherwise. IF you wanted to know how to select from a dynamic table, let me know.

Also, this will select all rows that match rationcreator. If you only want one row, use:

"Select TOP 1 * from tRations where RationCreator= '"+RationCreator+"'"

with or without an ORDER BY predicate

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