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DisplayAttribute - How can I set a default Resource?

I have a poco class Product

public class Product
public int Id {get;set;}

public string ProductName {get;set;}

the RequiredEx attribute ist just a little wrapper around RequiredAttribute (System.ComponentMode.DataAnnotations` so I don't have to specify the Resource type / name every time.

public class RequiredExAttribute : System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations.RequiredAttribute
public RequiredExAttribute()
this.ErrorMessageResourceType = typeof(ModelResources);
this.ErrorMessageResourceName = "ErrorMessage.Required";

Now I want to decorate my property with the Display attribute

[Display(ResourceType=typeof(ModelResources), Name="Product.ProductName")]
public string ProductName { get; set; }

In this case I can't just inherit from DisplayAttribute because it is sealed. Is there any chance for me not to have to type
everytime I use this Attribute?

Answer Source

Since the attribute is sealed, and isn't part of a more complex OO model (the base class is just Attribute, and there are no interfaces implemented), I can't see that you have any options available to you here. Basically, I expect the answer is simply: "you will heed to specify the ResourceType every time".

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