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Objective-C Question

XCTAssertEquals with two dicts in Swift

I am doing the programming exercises and the tests I have to perform on my code has the goal to compare to dicts with each other. The sourcecode of the exercise can be found here

Test code for comparing two dicts

As of what I have understood bridgeToObjectiveC is apples internal methods for doing things and therefore they have been removed. With them i get

'[S : T]' does not have a member named 'bridgeToObjectiveC'
which is very understandable if they have removed it.

Without the method using only the params in the AssertEquals call i get
'[S : T]' does not conform to protocol 'Equatable'
. Is two dicts not comparable in Swift? How would I do to get them comparable?

Answer Source

You can check equality of dictionaries as long as the values are Equatable. Modify XCTAssertEqualDictionaries to include a generic constraint:

func XCTAssertEqualDictionaries<S, T: Equatable>(first: [S:T], _ second: [S:T]) {
    XCTAssert(first == second)
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