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Android Question

Passing Data Between Viewmodels MvvmCross

I am working on Xamarin Android Application and I am using MvvmCross.I am not able to pass and retrieve data between Viewmodels.
What is the solution ?

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That depends on what data you want to retrieve. For objects look at this answer from Stuart.

And when you want to send/retrieve non-object data, you can do that with the build in viewmodel-navigation like following example:

// Navigate to viewmodel with parameters
var param = new Dictionary<string, string>
    {"key1", "value for key 1"
    {"key2", 12}


And then retrieve the Parameters in your MyViewModel:

protected override void InitFromBundle(IMvxBundle parameters)
    if (parameters.Data.ContainsKey("key1"))
        var mykey1value = parameters.Data["key1"]

    // And so on

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