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Unexpected result when non type template parameter is used in the program without assigning to local variable?

Since direct floating point comparisons are risky, i am writing one wrapper class for checking relational operations for floating point numbers.

#include <cmath>

template<unsigned int round_off_digits=10>
class FloatRelationalOperators
inline static double calcEpsilonValue()

int localVar=round_off_digits;

double withLocalVar=pow(10, (localVar * -1 ));
double WithoutLocalVar=pow(10, (round_off_digits * -1 ));

std::cout<<"withLocalVar: "<<withLocalVar<<" "<<"WithoutLocalVar :"<<WithoutLocalVar;

return WithoutLocalVar;


inline static bool notequal(double a,double b)
double res=fabs(a-b);

if( res <= calcEpsilonValue())
return true;
return false;
return false;

int main()

I am trying to calculate the epsilon value from max round off digits.

When i run the program, i got the result as follows,

withLocalVar: 1e-10 WithoutLocalVar :inf

Why my answer is wrong when non-type template parameter is used directly in the function?

Am I doing anything wrong?

Answer Source

round_off_digits is an unsigned value and you multiply it with -1 which makes a pretty big unsigned int. If you change it to int it works

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