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Android Question

Using selective APIs from Google Play Services in Eclipse

In my project I am integrating push notification for that I require classes from


Is it possible for me to include selected package from whole library?

I am using eclipse. actually there are lot more libraries required, due to which I am facing
65k multidex issue
. Any solution?

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If you really really want to use the Eclipse to compile this, you need to perform these steps:

  1. Have someone with Android studio include your needed Google components as dependency.
  2. Kidnap the components from exploded-aar Android studio folder and setup the components as your own Eclipse library.

But of course, this is highly not a recommended procedure, but this is for those people who desperately needs it as last resort. This also marks a disclaimer that the kidnapped libraries are already free from the developer's accountability, because you didn't compile it the right way.

PS. Did this with Google Maps

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