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React svg getTotalLength

I want to animate an SVG path using react (https://css-tricks.com/svg-line-animation-works/ , but in ReactJS).
To do that correctly, I need to know total length of a path, in JS you can do just path.getTotalLength(), how can I achieve the same when my path is created by JSX?

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This is where React's refs come in handy see https://facebook.github.io/react/docs/more-about-refs.html

basically when you are creating the svg you would set a ref on the path and then you can access that ref (which is actually the element in the dom) and call the getTotalLength()

<svg><path ref="path"> </svg>

and then as long as the function you are using is a part of your react compnent you can just do

var path = this.refs.path;
var pathLength = path.getTotalLength()

if you are using es6, string refs are being deprecated and you would actually do something like

    <svg><path ref={(ref) => this.path = ref}> </svg>

either way works the latter is the preferred way and if you do the latter way you wouldn't call this.refs.path but just this.path to access the dom node

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