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Is there a way to copy content of a html button to another?

I am trying to copy the content of a button in a html page to another button, I tried the following code, it doesn't work, it can only copy text from one input field to another, how to do the same for buttons ?

<!DOCTYPE html>

Field1: <input type=text id=field1 value="Hello World!"><br>
Field2: <input type=text id=field2><br><br>
<button id=BT_1 type=button onclick=myFunction()>ABC</button><br>
<button id=BT_2 type=button onclick=myFunction()>123</button>

<button onclick="myFunction()">Copy Text</button>

function myFunction()
document.getElementById("BT_2").value = document.getElementById("BT_1").value;
document.getElementById("BT_2").value = document.getElementById("field1").value;
document.getElementById("field2").value = document.getElementById("field1").value;


Prefer to have something like the following :

<button id=BT_1 type=button onclick=myFunction(BT_1)>ABC</button>

function myFunction(From_BT)
document.getElementById("BT_2").value = document.getElementById(From_BT).value;

Answer Source

Is this what you have in mind?

The value of the button is not the same as the innerHTML.

Another solution would be to leave your javascript as is, but use

<input type="button" value="Button Text" id="BT_1" onclick='myFunction()' ></input> 

See here for an example of both:

You can also create a function, let's call it copy_button_text that accepts two parameters the source button and target button, which we would call like so onclick='copy_button_text("BT_1", "BT_2")'. You will see in the fiddle, the myFunction() works, but each button actually uses this function to apply it's text to the other button.

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