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Python Question

Subclassing Future Class

I would like to subclass the Future class of the

Python module.

The docs:

The Future class encapsulates the asynchronous execution of a callable. Future instances are created by Executor.submit().

The docs of
don't explain where it takes the
class from.

... How can make Executor.submit() force to take my custom Future class?

Why do I need it?

I like OOP since it creates readable code. I would like the result to look like this:

for my_future in concurrent.futures.as_completed(...):

Answer Source

Looking at the code, ProcessPoolExecutor.submit() and ThreadPollExecutor.submit(), Excutor.submit() returns an instance of Future, which is defined in conccurent.futures._base.Future.

So, here comes the trick. You can subclass and replace the original Future, and then add custom methods in the subclass.

It's doable, but not recommended. It's better to use composition rather than inheritance for this purpose. There is a good chapter on inheritance and composition in Learn Python the Hard Way

Back to the the question, here is a composition example:

class Myclass(object):
    def __init__(self, workers=3):
         self.executor = concurrent.futures.ProcessPoolExcutor(workers)

    def run(self, job):
        '''Job to be run in a Executor'''

    def submit(self, jobs):
        self.futures = [executor.submit(self, foo, job) for job in jobs]

    def done(self, result):
        '''Dealing with the result'''

    def harvest(self):
        for my_future in concurrent.futures.as_completed(self.futures):

And then you can subclass MyClass and implement different done method.

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