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Find mouse position relative to element

I want to make a little painting app using canvas. So I need to find the mouse's position on the canvas.

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For people using JQuery:

Sometimes, when you have nested elements, one of them with the event attached to it, it can be confusing to understand what your browser sees as the parent. Here, you can specify which parent.

You take the mouse position, and then subtract it from the parent element's offset position.

var x = evt.pageX - $('#element').offset().left;
var y = evt.pageY - $('#element').offset().top;

If you're trying to get the mouse position on a page inside a scrolling pane:

var x = (evt.pageX - $('#element').offset().left) + self.frame.scrollLeft();
var y = (evt.pageY - $('#element').offset().top) + self.frame.scrollTop();

Or the position relative to the page:

var x = (evt.pageX - $('#element').offset().left) + $(window).scrollLeft();
var y = (evt.pageY - $('#element').offset().top) + $(window).scrollTop();

Note the following performance optimisation:

var offset = $('#element').offset();
// Then refer to 
var x = evt.pageX - offset.left;

In this way, JQuery does not have to look up #element for each line.

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