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C# Question

In C# what is the recommended way of passing data between 2 threads?

I have my main GUI thread, and a second thread running inside it's own ApplicationContext (to keep it alive, even when there is no work to be done). I want to call a method on my 2nd thread from my GUI thread, but if I just call thread.Method(); it seems to be running on my main GUI thread and causes my GUI to become unresponsive. What is the best way to call methods on different threads?

What I'm really looking to do here is communicate between 2 threads, not communicate with a GUI. The GUI just happens to be one of the threads that will need to communicate with my 2nd thread.

Update #2:
Ok, I must really be missing something. I created an event and a delegate and had my worker thread subscribe to the event. But when I call Invoke(MyEvent); from my GUI thread the work that the worker thread does ends up being on the GUI thread and hangs the GUI thread until it's done processing. Is what I'm trying to do even possible, without polling on a static object?

Answer Source

.Net already comes with a System.ComponentModel.BackgroundWorker class specifically to handle performing background tasks and communicating with a GUI. Use it.

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