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Passing a list of int to a HttpGet request

I have a function similar in structure to this:

public HttpResponseMessage GetValuesForList(List<int> listOfIds)
/* create model */

foreach(var id in listOfIds)

/* create response for model */
return response;

However, when I do a Get request for the method:


I get an error when debugging stating that
is null. In our controller we have a number of public HttpGet methods that work fine, and when changing the parameter to a single int it works. I've tried changing the parameter type to
too, but no change.

However, when changing the call to a HttpPost and passing the list as an x-www-form-urlencoded value, the method works.

Is it possible to pass a list to a Get method, or will I have to use Post? Since it's not actually a post method (as it returns a JSON model of values and nothing is saved to the server).

Answer Source

If you are using MVC WebAPI, then you can declare your method like this:

public int GetTotalItemsInArray([FromUri]int[] listOfIds)
       return listOfIds.Length;

and then you query like this:

this will match array [1, 2, 3] into listOfIds param (and return 3 as expected)

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