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Git Question

Is there a way to list the commit's author in `git rebase -i` (interactive)?

When I do a

git rebase -i
on a branch shared with a co-worker, I often want to just rebase my own commits. However, because the interactive rebase tool doesn't add the author information to the rebasing file (all t gives is the commit hash and description), I wind up having to go check commits in another tab to see if they are mine or not.

Is there any way to give
git rebase -i
flag (or something like it), to make it include the author?

Answer Source

As of git 2.6, git rebase -i uses rebase.instructionFormat (default %s) to generate the text after pick NNNNN....

Since this is a git-config item, you can set the value per repository, for yourself in general, or even using the -c option on a one-time basis.

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