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F11 Key (Debug Mode) not working in Visual Studio 2010?

In my Visual Studio 2010, F11 Key s not working.

I tried Step Into Property/Function (F11) doesn't work as expected But it didn't help me.

The same works it when I go to Debug menu and click on Step Into.

Can you help me out? It has become a very big problem for me!

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Try to go to Tools>Options and there to Environment>Keyboard. Type into the text field with the title "Show commands containing:" the term "StepInto". This filters the list below. Select "Debug.StepInto". Check if F11 is registered for "Global". If not do so.

If you have resharper installed go to the resharper options, select Visual Studio Integration and deselect the resharper shortcuts. Id you have anything else overriding the shortcuts try their option/keyboard/shortcut menues.

Play around with those options a little if it doesn't work immediately before you get back here.

Hope that helps.

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