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Framework did not have a CFBundleIdentifier in its Info.plist

I was having issues with my Bridge.h imports finding their intended targets after a cocoapods install and run.

I had:

#import <TPKeyboardAvoiding/TPKeyboardAvoidingScrollView.h>
#import <DateTools/DateTools.h>

But it didnt work because my Headers folder was empty, so I copied those two folder into the Headers folder and hardcoded the path:

#import </Users/username/Documents/new_ios/ios-app/Pods/Headers/TPKeyboardAvoiding/TPKeyboardAvoidingScrollView.h>
#import </Users/username/Documents/new_ios/ios-app/Pods/Headers/DateTools/DateTools.h>

This worked and the app built but when I ran it it gave this error:
The operation couldn’t be completed. (LaunchServicesError error 0.)

Here is the console output:

6/2/16 4:41:24.961 PM uploadDSYM[3519]: Fabric.framework/run 1.4.0
6/2/16 4:41:24.981 PM uploadDSYM[3521]: Fabric.framework/run 1.4.0
6/2/16 4:41:25.011 PM appleeventsd[51]: SecTaskLoadEntitlements failed error=22
6/2/16 4:41:25.019 PM sharedfilelistd[251]: SecTaskLoadEntitlements failed error=22
6/2/16 4:41:25.093 PM Fabric[257]: Bundle indentifier is of type (null), returning empty string.
6/2/16 4:41:25.752 PM[331]: Error Domain=LaunchServicesError Code=0 "(null)" UserInfo={Error=MissingBundleIdentifier, ErrorDescription=Bundle at path /Users/username/Library/Developer/CoreSimulator/Devices/#####-####-####-####-##########/data/Library/Caches/ did not have a CFBundleIdentifier in its Info.plist}

The initiall error that I have looks alot like this stuff: Unable to run app in Simulator: An error was encountered while running (Domain = LaunchServicesError, Code = 0) I tried all the clean builds and the reboots suggested but none worked. Also all the sharekit solutions also did not work because I do not have sharekit.


My guess is this:
Frameworks/TPKeyboardAvoiding.framework did not have a CFBundleIdentifier in its Info.plist}
is the real problem and I need to change my info.plist file to find TPKeyboardAvoiding


My info.plist:

enter image description here


This question is a problem that arose after I tried to workaround the problem which I ran into before which is described in this question: Empty Pod Headers Folder after `pod install`

Answer Source

For me cleaning the build folder worked. In Xcode, hold alt Product -> Clean Build Folder..

Let me know if it works for you!

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