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Java Question

how to extract a substring from a given string in java

I want to extract substring of a given string.
the example string is

rta=0.037ms;3000.000;5000.000;0; pl=10%;80;100;; rtmax=0.125ms;;;; rtmin=0.012ms;

I want to get only 0.037ms after "rta=" and percent after pl=. I tried to splite the above string by space and then by semicolon. did not work.

Answer Source
String s = "rta=0.037ms;3000.000;5000.000;0; pl=10%;80;100;; rtmax=0.125ms;;;; rtmin=0.012ms;";
Pattern pattern = Pattern.compile("rta=(.*?);.*pl=(.*?);");
Matcher matcher = pattern.matcher(s);
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