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How to pass variable value between different html pages in javascript

I want to pass the value of selected list item to the other page,means if I m selecting abc from the list then this abc value passes to the next html form and it should open that profile page only.Is there any way that I can use this variable among different html page.

$('.ui-li-icon li').click(function() {
var index = $(this).index();
text = $(this).text();
alert('Index is: ' + index + ' and text is ' + text);

I want to pass the above text value to my profile.html which is having javascript function profile().So I want to pass this text in function call like profile(text);I tried declaring var text above the function call but still its not working.Pls tell me if any other way is there.

Answer Source

You can pass the value as a url fragment.

In your on click function, open '/profile.html#'+text

In your profile.html get the url fragment.

Sample code:

To navigate to profile.html

window.location.href = '<path to profile.html>' + '#' + text;

In profile(), to get the parameter, use

var text = window.location.hash.substring(1)
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