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TypeScript Question

Is there a type in TypeScript for anything except functions?

I would like to express that a paremeter should be an object or a simple value type (number, bool, string, etc.), but not a function.

If I use

, the compiler let's me to assign a function.

var test: Object = () => "a";

If I use
, the same result of course too. Is there a type or trick which can help me out in this case?

My underlying goal is to garantee safety when using Knockout observables, so that I don't forget those little paranthesis to unwrap them :)

Answer Source

You can provide a runtime check using typeof, which although isn't a compile time check will catch those instances where you forget to execute the function:

function example(input: any) {
    if (typeof input === 'function') {
        alert('You passed a function!');

function someFunction() {
    return 1;

// Okay
example({ name: 'Zoltán' });
example('a string');

// Not okay
example(function () {});

Why can't you actually do what you want?

You almost can, because you could use an overload to allow "one of many types", for example:

class Example {
    someMethod(input: number);
    someMethod(input: string);
    someMethod(input: boolean);
    someMethod(input: any) {


Here comes the rub: in order to allow object types, you would have to add an overload signature of someMethod(input: Object); or someMethod(input: {});. As soon as you do this, functions would become allowed, because function inherits from object.

If you could narrow down object to something less general, you could simply add more and more overloads (yikes) for all the types you want to allow.

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