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Video playing from the host so it doesn't start from the beginning when reloading

Is it possible to have for example a video playing from the host server, so when someone is going on my website the video is instead of starting at 0:00, at that point where it is on the host server. What I'm trying to say is that the video is always synchronized with the one on the server so even if I reload the site its still synchronized and not starting from the beginning. It's hard to explain because my English is not that good. I hope you understand the issue I'm having

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How do you save your video? Do you have any place to put additional infos like the point your video is at? If not, you will probably have to use a defined starting point in time and then calculate at what time it should currently be. (like

$start = time() - $starttime;  //uses unix timestamps
$start = $start % $lengthOfVideo;

You will then have to manually set the values for $starttime and $lengthOfVideo. The former should be any point in time on which the video will start at 0:00. $lengthOfVideois the length of the desired video in seconds.

How to start the video at a special time depends again on the way you have saved your video and what player you use. Youtube for instance let's you encode the starting time in it's url.

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