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MySqlDump - Empty dump by using Windows

Tried out the mysqldump exe to get a local dump. Worked fine on MAC_OS. Just at windows i get a exit-code 1 and a local empty .sql file.

I used following code:

$command = ''.$locationDumpExe.' --user='.$dbuser.' --password='.$dbpassword.' --no-data --host=localhost '.$dbname.' > '.$dumpfile.'';


The variables had been set like the following:

  • $locationDumpExe = "/xampp/mysql/bin";

  • $dbuser = "root";

  • $dbpassword = "";

  • $dbname = "test_db";

  • $dumpfile = "testdump.sql"

The return_var returns 1

The test_db has an amount of 90 - 100 tables and is filled with ~ 50 - 100 datasets. Maybe this is the issue?

As I said on Mac_OS the dump works fine but for good reasons I also have to use the dump functionality on Windows.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Answer Source

when you try with windows you have to specify the full path of mysqldump.exe

C:/wamp/bin/mysql/mysql5.6.17/bin/mysqldump.exe -h {hostname} -u {usernamne} -p{password} {dbName} > path/to/store/sql/file.

Hope this helps. Thanks Suman W.

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