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Javascript Question

jQuery show/hide each element in list

The problem is that I want to change innerHTML propery of for each name in list and animate it with (fadeIn,delay for x sec,fadeOut)

<div id="welcomeBox">Welcome SOMETHING</div>

var list = ["George","Bob","Tom"];

$.each(list, function()
.text('Welcome' + this)

With code above I just get 3x Welcome Tom message.

Answer Source
var list=["George","Bob","Tom"];

// recursive closure to iterate thru list
(function recurse(index){
    // on fade use the callback to fade out
    $("#welcomeBox").text('Welcome ' + list[index]).fadeIn(1500, function(){
        $("#welcomeBox").fadeOut(1500, function(){
            // after fade out, call the function again with the next index
            recurse(undefined !== list[index+1] ? index+1 : 0);

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