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jQuery - remove input field if input was deleted

I am adding input fields on keystroke, by using an example from the answer for this question. This is my example. I was trying in various ways to remove field if user deletes content from it, so that there are always fields that have some content and one last empty field for adding more, but I just can't find a solution.
This is the code:

$(document.body).on("input", ".external-media-input:last", function () {
var inputID = (parseInt($(this).attr('id')) + 1);
$(".input_fields_wrap").append('<div><input class="external-media-input" id="' + inputID + '" name="external_media[]" type="text"/></div>');


You can use on('blur') or .on('focusout')

.on('blur', ".external-media-input:not(:last)", function () {
    if(!$(this).val()) $(this).remove();