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INotifyPropertyChanged with Properties that have the same name

I'm working on a system to represent data. In it we use a templetized interface that implements


public interface IScalar<T> : ISignal, INotifyPropertyChanged
void Check(T value);

/// <summary>
/// Formats the specified value based on the item's formatting
/// characteristics. Will throw an exception if the specified value
/// could not be properly converted to the underlying type.
/// </summary>
/// <param name="value">Value to format.</param>
/// <returns>Formatted value.</returns>
string Format(T value);

T Value { get; set; }
string Units { get; set; }

We end having a class that implements
. Is there a way to make sure the correct PropertyChanged event is fired? It uses a string representation of the property name. And since I have two properties with the same name I can't guarantee the right event will be fired. We are looking to have a grid in WPF bind to a list of IScalar

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Apart from Scott's proper answer, you may also want to get away from calling the PropertyChanged Method by passing in strings. Here's how you do that:

protected virtual void OnPropertyChanged([CallerMemberName] string propertyName = null)
    var handler = PropertyChanged;
    if (handler != null) handler(this, new PropertyChangedEventArgs(propertyName));

INPC using member/method name is now supported in the attribute class CallerMemberName found in the System.runtime.compilerservices assembly.

You can read more about it here.

ADVANTAGES: It allows you to easily establish a base class once and for all that handles all notifications based only on the method name. The setter methods merely have this line of code:

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