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Ruby Question

Find all links that have an href that begins with a specific text

I need to find all links on the page where the

begins with
. For example:

<a href="../items/some-link">Some link title</a>
<a href="../other-link">Other link title</a>
<a href="../items/some-link-2">Some link title 2</a>

I tried the following Regexp, but it is not working:

review_links = page.find_link('a')[:href] == '%r{^../items/\w+}'

What am I doing wrong?

Answer Source

You can use a CSS-selector to find all links that have an href attribute starting with a text:

review_links = page.all('a[href^="../items/"]')
#=> ["Some link title", "Some link title 2"]

Note that the href^= means an href attribute starting with.

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