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Strike out a word in javascript when item clicked

Strike out a word in javascript/jquery when item clicked.

So I am clicking and item ,the item fades out but in the same time I want the text to strike out.

Ex. I have an apple(image) and a apple(text). When I click on the apple I want the image to fade out and the text to strike out.

<div id="items">
<div id="content">
<div class="box" id="pic1"> <img src = /images/apple.png /></div>
$("#pic1").click(function () {

This is my code until the image fades out but I cannot figure out how can I make the text to strike out???

Answer Source

jsFiddle Demo

You could wrap the text in <del>

$("#pic1").click(function () {
 $("#items p").wrap("<del>");
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