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Android device not shown with adb

I have searched for a long time for this, I have tried all the tricks I could find...

I have been debugging on the same device for a few months, deploying the app on other exact same devices flawlessly. But since last week, I can no longer connect to it. Connecting the device via USB, I can hear the computer's sound warn about the connected device, and I can see in Chrome that it is recognized

enter image description here

However, adb won't detect it.

enter image description here

Unfortunately, I have not access to root on the devices, so I'm not sure how to connect via TCP/IP.

What could possibly be the problem?

Note: I am working with Ubuntu.

Note 2: The devices run Android 4.4.2, as reported by the device, despite specs from various vendors say otherwise.


I have verified my UDEV rules, so

$ lsusb
Bus 003 Device 123: ID 1f3a:1002 Onda (unverified)

is the only device added when I connect the tablet via USB. And in my
file (which I have already set over a year ago), I have the correct line

SUBSYSTEM=="usb", ATTRS{idVendor}=="1f3a", MODE="0666"

The Developer Options are

  • Take bug report

  • Desktop backup password

  • Stay awake

  • HDCP checking

  • Process Stats


  • USB debugging (= ON)

  • Power menu bug reports

  • Allow mock locations (= ON)

  • Select debug app

  • (disabled) Wait for debugger

  • Verify apps over USB

  • Wireless display certification


  • Show touches

  • Pointer location


  • Show surface updates

  • Show layout bounds

  • Force RTL layout direction

  • Window animation scale

  • Transition animation scale

  • Animator duraction scale

  • Simluate secondary displays

Hardware acceleration rendering

  • Force GPU rendering

  • Show GPU new updates

  • Show hardware layers updates

  • Debug GPU overdraw

  • Debug non-rectangular clip operations

  • Force 4x MSAA

  • Disable HW overlays


  • Strict mode enabled

  • Show CPU usage

  • Profile GPU rendering

  • Enable GPU traces


  • Don't keep activites (= ON)

  • Background process limit (= standard)

  • Show all ANRs

(All options with values or set are indicated in the above list. If nothing is mentioned, then no value is set.)

Answer Source

Since you've got Chrome Remote debugging working, just make sure that Chrome debugging isn't running when doing things with adb on the command line.

I believe that Chrome has its own version of adb-server so that would conflict with the one used by Android Studio.

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