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Casting UnsafeMutablePointers to UnsafeMutableRawPointers

I have a couple of issues updating to swift 3.0. I have the following code:

// Retrieve the Device GUID
let device = UIDevice.current
let uuid = device.identifierForVendor
let mutableData = NSMutableData(length: 16)
(uuid! as NSUUID).getBytes(UnsafeMutablePointer(mutableData!.mutableBytes))

// Verify the hash
var hash = Array<UInt8>(repeating: 0, count: 20)
var ctx = SHA_CTX()
SHA1_Update(&ctx, mutableData!.bytes, mutableData!.length)
SHA1_Update(&ctx, (opaqueData1! as NSData).bytes, opaqueData1!.count)
SHA1_Update(&ctx, (bundleIdData1! as NSData).bytes, bundleIdData1!.count)
SHA1_Final(&hash, &ctx)
let computedHashData1 = Data(bytes: UnsafePointer(&hash), count: 20)

My first issue is with the line of code:

(uuid! as NSUUID).getBytes(UnsafeMutablePointer(mutableData!.mutableBytes))

mutableData!.mutableBytes now returns an UnsafeMutableRawPointer and the compiler complains that "cannot invoke initializer for type 'UnsafeMutablePointer<_> with an argument of type '(UnsafeMutableRawPointer)'" Now I have been trying to cast them to the same types but have had no success.

My second issue is with the line:

let computedHashData1 = Data(bytes: UnsafePointer(&hash), count: 20)

This line causes a compiler error "Ambiguous use of 'init'"

Answer Source

Your first issue, you can write something like this:

    (uuid! as NSUUID).getBytes(mutableData!.mutableBytes.assumingMemoryBound(to: UInt8.self))

But if you can accept Data having the same raw UUID bytes, you can write it as:

    var uuidBytes = uuid!.uuid
    let data = Data(bytes: &uuidBytes, count: MemoryLayout.size(ofValue: uuidBytes))

Your second issue, in Data.init(bytes:count:), the type of the first parameter is UnsafeRawPointer, to which you can pass arbitrary type of Unsafe(Mutable)Pointers.

Using Swift with Cocoa and Objective-C (Swift 3)

Check the Constant Pointers part of Pointers.

When a function is declared as taking an UnsafeRawPointer argument, it can accept the same operands as UnsafePointer<Type> for any type Type.

You have no need to cast pointer types.

    let computedHashData1 = Data(bytes: &hash, count: 20)
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