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Git Question

How to do 'git checkout --theirs' for multiple files (or all unmerged files)

Say I have this after attempting a merge and upon entering

git status

# Unmerged paths:
# (use "git add/rm <file>..." as appropriate to mark resolution)
# added by them: myfile1.xhtml
# added by them: myfile2.xhtml
# added by them: myfile3.xhtml

... and I know I want to do this for each of those files:

git checkout --theirs myfile1.xhtml
git add myfile1.xhtml

... but there are many of them. How might I do them as a batch?

Answer Source

The solution for my case ended up being to simply use a wildcard in the directory path, since the files were grouped:

git checkout --theirs directory_name/*
git add directory_name/*
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