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Cant call same function twice in same php page

Im trying to call my function "selectuniversal();" twice in the same page, but i only get results from the first call(or the secound if i disable 1st call).

My function is:
[ func.php ]

global $mycon;
$mycon = mysqli_connect('localhost','user','pass','db');
class IDfun{

public function selectuniversal($tabela,$celula1,$celula2,$celulaordem,$ordem)
global $mycon;

$IDquery = 'SELECT '.$celula1.','.$celula2.' FROM '.$tabela.' ORDER BY '.$celulaordem.' '.$ordem;
$IDresultado= mysqli_query($mycon,$IDquery) or die(mysqli_error());

if($i>=1){echo '<option value='.$row[$celula1].'>'.$row[$celula2].'</option>';}
} while ($row = mysqli_fetch_assoc($IDresultado));



In my [index.php]

<!doctype html>
<meta http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8"></meta>
$IDfun=new IDfun;

<meta charset="utf-8">
<title>Documento sem título</title>

<select id="cpais" name="cpais">
<?php $IDfun->selectuniversal('pais','pid','pnome','pnome','desc');?>


<select id="cvendid" name="cvendid">
<?php $IDfun->selectuniversal('vend','vid','vnome','vnome','desc');?>

Thanks you for any help

Answer Source

You're closing the mysqli connection in your function call $mycon->close(), so the second time you call the function the mysqli_query is trying to use a connection that has been closed.

Either create the connection in your function, or call $mycon->close() outside of your function at the end of your php file.

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