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Conditional statment regarding various regex and length of a list in python

I have following list :

['E12.2', 'E16.1', 'E15.1']
['E10.1', 'I11.2', 'I10.1_27353757']
['E16.1', 'E18.1', 'E17.3']
['E1.8', 'I12.1_111682336', 'I12.1_111682195']
['E55.1', 'E57.1', 'E56.1','E88.1']
['U22.3', 'U22.6_13735517', 'U23.1']

and I want to put a condition to filter out the lists that have a) length equal to 3 b) not containing '_' c) not containing alphabet 'U'
I am trying to implement in one line, how do I do that? I have following condition working and I know you can use regex module for matching regex in lists but can I do all the conditions in single line?

if(len(fin_list) == 3)

Answer Source

This is one possible way:

lists = [['E12.2', 'E16.1', 'E15.1'],
         ['E10.1', 'I11.2', 'I10.1_27353757'],
         ['E16.1', 'E18.1', 'E17.3'],
         ['E1.8', 'I12.1_111682336', 'I12.1_111682195'],
         ['E55.1', 'E57.1', 'E56.1','E88.1'],
         ['U22.3', 'U22.6_13735517', 'U23.1']]

for lst in lists:
    if len(lst) != 3 and not any('_' in item or 'U' in item for item in lst):

# Output:
# ['E55.1', 'E57.1', 'E56.1', 'E88.1']

The interesting bit here is the use of any over a generator expression. To break it down, this iterates over each item in lst and applies a test to see if _ or U are in it. That list comprehension results in True/False for each item in the list. any then looks for the first True. If it finds one, it immediately returns True. If it doesn't find one, it returns False.

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