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Python counting multiple modes in a list

This is a simple function but it is giving me a hard time. I'm trying to calculate the mode in a list, and if there are > 1 modes (with the same frequency), then they need to be displayed.

def compute_mode(numbers):
mode = 0
count = 0
maxcount = 0
for number in numbers:
count = numbers.count(number)
if count >= maxcount:
maxcount = count
mode = number
print("Mode: ", mode, "Count: ", maxcount)

Function call:



Mode: 0 Count: 2
Mode: 3 Count: 2
Mode: 3 Count: 2
Mode: 0 Count: 2

I can't seem to make the function not repeat the last two lines. I'm not sure why it is repeating again for 0 and 3.

Any ideas?

Answer Source

The reason you get the modes twice is that your for-loop loops over every element in the list. Therefore, when it encounters the second instance of a previously seen element, it prints it out again.

In other news, your function will fail for a different reason - try removing the first 0 and see what happens.

This is how I would fix it:

from collections import Counter

def compute_mode(numbers):
    counts = Counter(numbers)
    maxcount = max(counts.values())
    for num,count in counts:
        if count == maxcount:
            print(num, count)

If you want to do all the heavy lifting yourself:

def compute_mode(numbers):
    counts = {}
    maxcount = 0
    for number in numbers:
        if number not in counts:
            counts[number] = 0
        counts[number] += 1
        if counts[number] > maxcount:
            maxcount = counts[number]

    for number, count in counts.items():
        if count == maxcount:
            print(number, count)
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