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SQL Question

Trim spaces in string - LTRIM RTRIM not working

I tried this code -


Data type of Name is

None of the leading and trailing spaces get removed. When I copy-paste one such
i get this -

"big dash" "space symbol" ABC001

Why is this happening and how do trim the spaces ?


The question has already been answered. I found one more table with this problem. I get
"- value" when i copy a column of a row. When I press the enter key at end of this copy-pasted value, i see more dashes. See image below -

Weird symbols

Answer Source

I suspect, some non readable(Non-ascii characters) inside the name column, that might not get removed as part of TRIM calls.

select convert(varbinary, Name) from table

Reading the HEX output from above query should reveal the same.

Kindly read this to find how to write functions to remove such characters.

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