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Alternative to return -1 on error

Lets say for example we have a function that does some math (for the sake of argument, multiply two numbers). It returns the result but if there is an error, the function returns -1.

However, -1 can actually a valid result (-1 * 1 for example). What is a better constant to return? I was thinking of returning INT_MAX on error but some of my math functions return double and float so I wanted to see if there was a better alternative.

This is for a library so I want to use the same constant for errors to minimize confusion.

Answer Source

If you're looking for the least likely integer constant to hit by accident, use INT_MIN. It's one larger in magnitude than INT_MAX. It also has the advantage of being copyable to float without losing its value, INT_MAX will get rounded to a different value.

Of course this is only if you need compatibility with C. In C++ you really should be using exceptions.

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