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R Question

Remove duplicate rows in R

I have read a

file into an R data.frame. Some of the rows have the same element in one of the columns. I would like to remove rows that are duplicates in that column. For example:

platform_external_dbus 202 16 google 1
platform_external_dbus 202 16 space-ghost.verbum 1
platform_external_dbus 202 16 localhost 1
platform_external_dbus 202 16 users.sourceforge 8
platform_external_dbus 202 16 hughsie 1

I would like only one of these rows since the others have the same data in the first column.

Answer Source

just isolate your data frame to the columns you need, then use the unique function :D

# in the above example, you only need the first three columns <- unique( yourdata[ , 1:3 ] )
# the fourth column no longer 'distinguishes' them, 
# so they're duplicates and thrown out.
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