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Javascript Question

How to convert milliseconds to date and time?

I know this question has been asked and answered many times, but I could not convert a given milliseconds to date and time.

I have the following code:

var date = '1475235770601';
var d = new Date(date);
var ds = d.toLocaleString();

When I run this I see Invalid Date in console as well as in alert.

But when I paste the milliseconds here, it converts fine in the format in local date and time as
Fri Sep 30 2016 17:12:50

Actually I want to convert in in the format
09/30/16 17:12:50

Answer Source

Date's constructor takes a number, not a string. Either feed it in directly:

date = 1475235770601; // Note the lack of quotes making it a number

Or, if you already have a string, convert it explicitly:

date = parseInt(date);
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