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How to clear/garbage collect a local variable value after its usage is done

Hi I am trying to import a huge data. its around 8GB having more then 53k files.
What i want is to import one file at a time, done with its usage and then delete/remove or garbage collect the cache.

I know when we use

keyword it only delete the reference of obj instance. Delete or making variable value to
doesn't work.

Here is my code.

fs.readdir(dirname, (err, filenames) => {
if (err) {
_.forEach(filenames, (file) => {
if (!!~file.indexOf('.json')) {
this.synchronize(() => {
let currentFile = require(`${dirname}${file}`);
return new Promise((resolve, reject) => {
setTimeout(() => {
//assume am done working with the data imported in variable currentFile here. now i want to delete it.
}, 1)


I tried every possible way to make the cache empty but not succeeded.
Is there any way to clear the
after am done working on it?

Or may be how to tweak my code to achieve the functionality that it will work for any number of files in the folder.

any help will be appreciated

Answer Source

I see 2 big problems with your code:

  1. require is able to load a json file that's ok but the main issue is that it is doing it synchronously so you can't properly use the node.js async nature, this is why is not recommended to use require for dynamic files, require is meant for app initialisation cause internaly it uses caching mechanism useless in your case and which slows down your app.
  2. loading and processing all files in this manner is very resource consuming and you should refactor your architecture using the stream api this is the use case where streams can shine.

A way to solve your problem is to dive into the following to resources:

  1. JSONStream npm module
  2. fs.createReadStream from fs module

The idea is to iterate over all the files in the directory which you are already doing and then create a read stream for each file and then pipe JSONStream.parse it in this way you will gain enormous amount of memory.

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