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MongoDB query work but not with Mongoose

I'm trying to query a collection with Mongoose, there is the collection sample output with a simple


"_id" : ObjectId("581c9408fc01b15cb21043e4"),
"calendar_id" : DBRef("calendar", ObjectId("581c5972fd1c59295c34f1b8"), "ecampus"),
"date" : 1478473200000,
"title" : "Conception et planification BI",
"teacher" : "fiolet gilles",
"start_at" : "08:30",
"end_at" : "12:30"

I have a MongoDB query that work well

db.course.find({'calendar_id.$id': ObjectId("581c5972fd1c59295c34f1b8")}).sort({date: 1})

I am trying to do the same query with Mongoose, in my NodeJS app
I made this query but this one return an empty array because the
is not working well.

let mongoose = require('mongoose');
let ObjectId = mongoose.Types.ObjectId;
let id = new ObjectId(session.calendar_id);

Course.find({'calendar_id.$id': id}).sort({date: 1}).exec(function (err, courses) {
console.log(err, courses);

is from my model file and is like this

const Course = mongoose.model('course', {
calendar_id: Schema.ObjectId,
date: Number,
title: String,
teacher: String,
start_at: String,
end_at: String

How can I make this Mongoose query to work ? The model is maybe not properly formed ?

Answer Source

Use Course.find({'calendar_id': id}) instead of Course.find({'calendar_id.$id': id}).

For mongoose $id does not exist.

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