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iOS Question

iOS localization is broken with the upgrade iOs 9 + Xcode 7

I localized my app in Italian and English, using the

file and the
NSLocalizedString macro
. I also enabled
base localization
. Everything works fine in the simulator and on devices with iOS 8, but on iOS 9 the app is always in english, even on devices with the italian language selected as default in the iPhone settings.
Does iOS 9 changes something with localization?

Here's a screenshot of the Xcode localization settings


And of the device used for testing


Thanks in advance

Answer Source

Solved, the "problem" was the key "Localization native development region" in the info.plist file. It was setted to Italy, so when the app was running in a device with the Italian language as default it was showing the Base localization version of the strings (the English version). Changing the value to United States solved the issue.

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