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Laravel form uses ajax just when checkbox is manually checked

I cannot understand this:

I have a Laravel form. In the controller, I set up the consideration that the form might store data via ajax, and I have also put a fallback non-ajax for another part of the site, where ajax is not used:

public function store(Requests\EntryRequest $request) {

$journal = new Article($request->all());
if ( Request::ajax() ) {
return response(['msg' => 'Daily entry saved', 'status' => 'success']);
} else {
return redirect('home')->with('message', 'Daily entry saved');

So far so good. My form contains a checkbox, and also a hidden input in order to help sending a value with the form if the user doesn´t touch the checkbox (I remove the hidden value later on if the real checkbox is checked)

{!! Form::hidden('doctor', '0', ['type'=>'hidden', 'id'=>'drhelp'] ) !!}
{!! Form::checkbox('doctor', '1', false , ['class' => 'checkbox', 'data-toggle'=>'toggle', 'data-onstyle'=>'success', 'id'=>'drcheck']) !!}

And the form is being sent like this, nothing special:

type: "POST",
url: '/articles/',
data: form.serialize(),
success: function( msg ) {
//do things after success

My question: Why does the form works through Ajax JUST when I manually change the checkbox. For instance, it opens unchecked, so if I want to post it unchecked, I must check it and uncheck it again. If I don´t touch it, the form just goes via regular submit.

And yet, if I interact with the checkbox, the form goes through Ajax POST. What is the problem here?

Thanks so much

Answer Source

my better way to handle that is to add default value to check box from migration


then you dont have to add hidden input and this will be enough

{!! Form::checkbox('doctor', true, false , ['class' => 'checkbox', 'data-toggle'=>'toggle', 'data-onstyle'=>'success', 'id'=>'drcheck']) !!}
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