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I Want show only start date to end date calender another not scroll swift

I Want to set the start date and end date between calendar need so please help us for that.
If i select todays date as a start date then user can't able to select before date that i select as a start date in end date.Please someone suggest.

Using CVCalendar

Answer Source

It's possible not to show days out of the presented month. First, CVCalendar provides a special method for (un)hiding days out with animation. Second, once you've made days out hidden ones it doesn't mean CVCalendar won't show them anymore. You also have to pass an appropriate value in shouldShowWeekdaysOut: method to notify CVCalendar you don't want to show days out.

self.calendarView!.changeDaysOutShowingState(true) // just hide days out in loaded Month Views
self.shouldShowDaysOut = false // passing value for 'shouldShowWeekdaysOut:'
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