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Testing Python "Hello World" in AWS Lambda

I will apologies first hand if my question formatting is messed up. A noob programmer here

I was following steps defined in the AWS Lambda Developer Guide to run the Hello World code. Ref Page 44

def my_handler(event, context):
message = 'Hello {} {}!'.format(event['first_name'],
 return {
'message' : message

Test error in AWS

I believe my error is that the code is looking for events but the input test event on the test page is providing 3 key values which have no relation to my code.


Answer Source

Make sure the Test Event in the AWS Console provides values that the program expects. It's passing three keys key1, key2, key3 while the program expects first_name and last_name

Just change the Test Event's values to the following instead

    "first_name": "foo",
    "last_name": "bar
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