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Android Question

Data Persistence ViewPager

I am using

to show the multiple views of the form, like name and email on first view and rest on others.

Now the problem is:

  • Enter Data on page 1 navigate to page 2 and then to page 3.

  • come back to page 1 the data is not there.

I have a save button on the last page so I also need a way to retrieve the data from other pages there.

If I can get a way I can save the data on page 1 when it is changed to page 2 like
method on activity.

inappropriate for my purpose here?

Answer Source

I think ViewPager is fine for this purpose. All you need to do is to save data entered in first and second fragments to your parent Activity and fetch it when you hit Save in your last fragment.

EDIT: Check THIS and THIS related SO questions

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