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How to start execute files directly from Notepad++

For the past few weeks, I have been working with Node JS a lot, and i have found it pretty annoying to have to execute the file through cmd every time i want to test.

To make my life easier, I have made a batch file that executes my file for me. My question is how do I execute files directly from notepad++?

Is there a menu for it? Currently on my left I have a menu that lets me navigate between my files easily. On my right, I have a NppFTP UI that lets me connect to the FTP server, if I need to work on files that are not on my system.

I highly suspect that there is a way to execute files directly from Notepad++.

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Although my answer doesn't directly answer your question. But it will solve the problem you were facing at the first place.

There is something called nodemon which will restart your application automatically as soon as you make changes and save. It's very easy to install ans very easy to use.

To install :

npm install -g nodemon

To use:

nodemon app.js

or Just [it automatically grabs the default app.js file or other]


You can learn more about this here;

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