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AngularJS Question

How use shared services with controllers that use no shared services?

Assume there is a module with only one factory (the shared service).

angular.module('sharedService', [])
.factory('sharedSrv', sharedService)

function sharedService() {
var number;

return {
getNum: getNumber

function getNumber() {
return number;

function setNumber(i) {
number = i;

I saw we can inject shared services by passing a dependency into module

angular.module('app', ['sharedService'])
.controller('theCtrl', function(sharedSrv) {
var self = this;

self.setSharedNumber = sharedSrv.setNumber;

However, How inject a shared service if controller use services from his own module?

angular.module('app', ['sharedService'])
.controller('theCtrl', theCtrlFun)
.service('theSrv', theSrvFun)

theCtrlFun.$inject = ['theSrv']

function theCtrlFun(localSrv) {
// How call sharedService ?

function theSrvFun() {
// Some fantastic features.

Thank you for your help.

Answer Source

You shouldn't be injecting service module as variable, you need to pass the name of module as string

angular.module('app', [sharedService])
.controller('theCtrl', function(sharedSrv) {

should be

angular.module('app', ['sharedService'])
.controller('theCtrl', function(sharedSrv) {

OR you could follow Inline Array annotation of DI

angular.module('app', ['sharedService'])
.controller('theCtrl', ["sharedSrv",  function(sharedSrv) {
    //code here
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