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Components and directives in angular 1.5

The big feature changes in Angular 1.5 are surrounding the support of components.

component('myComponent', {
template: '<h1>Hello {{ $ctrl.getFullName() }}</h1>',
bindings: { firstName: '<', lastName: '<' },
controller: function() {
this.getFullName = function() {
return this.firstName + ' ' + this.lastName;

While this is all good, I am not sure how this differs from directives.
What are the benefits of using
over traditional custom directives? And are components in Angular 1.5 and Angular 2 the same?

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The .component replaces .directive because it favors good practices and gives developers ability to write code like in angular 2. Basically, when you write code using component, upgrading to angular 2 will be very easy (it seems that we will be able to generate angular 2 code from component - it is that simple). Functionalities remains almost the same, unless you are using something that is bad practice.


  • template can now be a function
  • component is declared using object instead of function
  • simplified isolated scope using binding property
  • components are always with isolated scope
  • some bad practices will not be possible

Awesome article is here:

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