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R: any function for Cartesian Product of two data frames?

I need to do a cartesian product of two data frames. For example,

A = id weight type
10 20 a
10 30 b
25 10 c
B = date report
2007 y
2008 n

then C would be like after doing cartesian product of A and B

C = id weight type date report
10 20 a 2007 y
10 20 a 2008 n
10 30 b 2007 y
10 30 b 2008 n
25 10 c 2007 y
25 10 c 2008 n

as some ids are the same in A, so I cannot use a way like

C <- merge(A$id,B$date)
C <- merge(C,A,by="id")
C <- merge(C,B,by="date")

This way will generate more rows. Could anyone help me out of here? Thanks

Answer Source

merge(A, B), provided there are no columns linking the two, should do this by default, no?

From ?merge (emphasis mine):

If by or both by.x and by.y are of length 0 (a length zero vector or NULL), the result, r, is the Cartesian product of x and y, i.e., dim(r) = c(nrow(x)*nrow(y), ncol(x) + ncol(y)).

Admittedly, this does require one to know to look in ?merge. Context-based searching in R is severely lacking; even rseek doesn't immediately provide this.

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