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C# Question

Transaction not connected, or was disconnected error

I am getting

"Transaction not connected, or was disconnected error"

error when the transaction is either committed/rolled back after doing a bulk insert (along with some other operations).

using(var tran = Session.Session().BeginTransaction(IsolationLevel.Serializable))
// do something
fullSession.Session().CreateSQLQuery(query).ExecuteUpdate();// this query bulk insert in a temp db
// do something else
tran.Commit()/ tran.RollBack();// if transaction is active and not already rolled back/committed

If the query to bulk insert from a file into a temp database fails, I get this error on tran.Commit/rollback.

Answer Source

Bulk Insert is a combination of Insert statements so if it fails it doesn't roll back the transaction so if you really want to catch the error try using Try and catch block inside BEGIN and END transaction

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